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Pixeldrain Public Beta

Note that this is an experimental version of Pixeldrain server, the Pixeldrain backend has been completely redesigned from the ground up to be more extensible, efficient and scalable. The server this web application runs on is considered a testing environment. Database resets can happen when architectural changes need to be applied.

The Sia integration is still very experimental and could fail, resulting in data loss. Do not upload files to this server that you cannot afford to lose. Use the stable main server instead: https://pixeldrain.com.

But don't let all that stop you from trying the new Pixeldrain! The upload restrictions that the main site has haven't been implemented in this version yet, so you can upload as much as you want. The server only has 256 GiB of space available, if it starts running out of space files will be purged from the local filesystem and served from Sia on the next request.


Data loss has occurred

As noted at the start of this page, the integration with Sia cloud storage is highly experimental, everyone who uses this service should be aware of that fact.

I recently discovered that the Sia node that is storing the files for this website had crashed because of a memory leak. The Sia team is currently trying to figure out how this memory leak occurred. It's likely the contract renewal went wrong which caused the Sia node to become unstable. Now when I start the Sia daemon it eats up about 1 GB of RAM per minute, so I've turned it off for the time being.

In the short period that the Sia daemon keeps running I managed to request a file listing. It seems that because of the failed contracts about 80% of the stored files have dropped far below 1x redundancy, meaning that they are lost. The upside of all this is that the bug has been discovered before version 1.3.3 has come out so it might be fixed in the next release, bringing the Sia platform as a whole another step closer to being a reliable data storage solution.

Anyway, don't be surprised if your previously uploaded files are gone now. I will soon start purging all unrecoverable files from the database so we can start over with a clean slate.


I cannot be held liable for any illegal and / or copyrighted material that's uploaded by the users of this application. Files uploaded to this website are subjected to local laws. If laws are being broken, and I've been notified of the fact I'll have to delete the offending content (as the server does not support geo filtering yet). If you find any files on this domain that break the law, please contact me at abuse@pixeldrain.com, and I'll take care of it.
Please share responsibly.


I'm currently paying for the Sia storage myself, since the site doesn't have a revenue model yet. I'd appreciate it if you could send some Siacoins my way: 26117c19ca3975b315d663dcbbc19cf9c07274f441689d4392ed380b2337589ef1aacfbdc93f. This address goes directly to the wallet on this server which is used for uploading files to Sia :). I promise you it will be put to good use!


Here's a list of features this version of Pixeldrain has.





Features which are in https://pixeldrain.com, but not in https://sia.pixeldrain.com. These will be added soon enough.

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